and drafting
of contracts

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Negociations and drafting of contracts

SODEMA CONSEILS is your partner in the negotiation, the drafting and the analysis of all the contracts relating to trademarks, designs, trade names, company names, shop signs, domain names and copyright.

We can assist our clients in negotiating their contracts in France or abroad.

We can negotiate letters of consent, coexistence agreements as well as any assignment or licence contracts relating to Industrial Property rignts in any country.

We can draft these contracts, study drafts or existing contracts in order to appreciate their validity and to define their consequences on the protection and use of the concerned rights as well as on the conclusion of other contracts.

We can take care of the recordal of an assignment, license of any intellectual property rights or of any act affecting these rights in France, on the International register (WIPO), the European Union register (EUIPO) or abroad.

We keep a data base of all the contracts relating to our clients IP rights in order to take them into account in any further action.

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