All your concerns can be solved with a specific solution.

We advise

Trademark and design portfolio audits, we detect any protection deficiency and assit companies to implement a protection policy corresponding to their specific needs according to their markets, both in France and abroad. More info

Advice on all aspects of the use and defense of trademarks, designs, company names, commercial names, signboards, domain names, copyright, cessation of unfair competition acts. More info

Consultations on the various legal instruments for protection, the filing of domain names, the registration of trademarks and designs, renewals, all operations for maintaining the validity of rights, in France, with W.I.P.O. (international trademarks, international designs) with O.H.I.M. (Community trademarks, Community designs) and in any foreign countries. More info

Negotiation, drafting and analysis of contracts for the transfer or licensing of intellectual property rights. More info

Training sessions : actions to develop the awareness of our client’s managers to Industrial Property in the process of creating and selling of goods. More info

We protect

Registration procedures of trademarks and designs , responses to official objections and oppositions, negotiation, preparation and analysis of coexistence agreements. More info

Domain names: search and reservation of domain names with generic and National extensions, portfolio audits, watch and legal actions concerning domain names. More info

Patents : SODEMA CONSEILS cooperates with two European Patent Attorneys and can assist you in all matters related to the protection and defence of your inventions in France or abroad. We may follow up patent application and examination procedures up to their delivery. More info

Recording deeds of assignment and license agreements of intellectual property rights, and other deeds relating to rights, on the French, International, Community and foreign registries. More info

We investigate

Availability searches on trademarks, company names, domain names and designs in France and abroad, accompanied by comments on the protectable nature thereof and the availability and proposed solutions to neutralize any prior rights. More info

Investigations both in France and abroad, on the activities of companies in general and, particularly, on their exploitation of trademarks, company names, commercial names and signboards, as well as information and analysis on the scope of their rights. Investigations into the sources and marketing routes of counterfeit goods both in France and abroad. More info

Maintaining a watch on French, International, Community and foreign national trademark applications, watch of domain names and advice on possible intervention. More info

We defend

Intervention with the Customs services of all countries in order to stop the importation of counterfeit goods and to take further legal action. More info

Collection of evidence in connection with counterfeiting (seizures, or affidavit made out by a bailiff). More info

Consultations on the options for action , both in France and abroad, in relation to trademarks, designs, commercial names, company names, signboards, patents, domain names and unfair competition.More info

Both in France or abroad, sending and replying to cease and desist letters, presentation of opposition and statements of case in defense, actions before authorities and the courts in connection with trademarks, designs, commercial names, company names, signboards and unfair competition and, in particular, emergency interim procedures in order to obtain the immediate cessation of infringing acts. More info