Trademark and design
applications, renewals
and recordals

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Trademark and design applications, renewals and recordals

SODEMA CONSEILS is organized to treat in the shortest amount of time any filing or renewal of trademarks, designs or domain names as well as any recordal relating thereto.

In France, before the WIPO, the EUIPO or anywhere in the world trough its associates network, SODEMA CONSEILS is capable of taking every step necessary for the acquisition or maintenance of rights as well as to follow the procedures such as :

  • replies to official actions on the validity of a trademark or design,
  • replies to citations of prior rights or oppositions from third parties,
  • negotiations or drafting of coexistence agreements

Our information system manages all the cases deadlines at every step of the procedure (priority date, date of reply to an office action, renewal date….) as well as periodical checking of the files.

The strict control of the deadlines is a condition to the successful outcome of the cases we are entrusted with.

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